A distinctive, uniform “Florentine red” colour and a rusticated surface achieved before firing are the main features of Cotto Tradizionale Rustico.


A perfectly smooth, glossy surface.


 A cotto tile produced in this way is ready for laying at any given moment. Unaffected by damp, it will never produce efflorescence and requires no further treatment at any stage. In addition, the tile body retains good breathability and affords the same proven and dependable resistance to frost that typifies all other products of this cotto family.

Terre Future

The new Terre Future collection was created to offer a practical, functional, and  excellent product to the market.
The range consists of three products featuring the same quality and function, but with different shades and textures. This is achieved by applying different technologies and production processes that results in different appearance characteristics.

Cotto Structured and rough cotto

A cotto floor will always display slight variations in shade and colour, softly blended.

The authentic feel of natural terracotta, combined with the precision and practical advantages of an industrial product.


With a rough and irregular skin.

Changing shades of cotto coming from different origins, rosy and sallow.

Traditional hand-made cotto

Traditional “hand-made” cotto is a product that has great charm and a certain cachet. Still manufactured today using the time-honoured methods, it continues to be a preferred material for imaginative and original design projects.

gallerie e musei

Impruneta terracotta is the “prince” floor of the most important museums and galleries around the world, an inimitable material, and perfect for emphasizing art and beauty over time.

Belle Arti Series

We have treated the skin until making it bright and soft to touch, obtaining warm, changing but never repetitive shades.

Sestini and tozzetti

The brick is the terracotta tile par excellence. Sestino and Tozzetti are very small bricks destined mainly for paving roads and town squares.

Ornamental items

The beauty and durability of Impruneta terracotta jars that have come down to us over the centuries provide tangible evidence , if indeed any were needed, of the unique nature and high quality of this very special clay.

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