Matte, nuanced yellow ochre/orange hue

Stain-resistant: It’s waterproof and stain-proof.

Versatile: Breathable finish, suitable for both indoors and outdoors

Sustainable: 100% natural, compatible with green building works

Completely similar to traditional Terracotta: the look and style appeal are the same in terms of colour, shape, and texture.

Guaranteed final quality: there is no need for final processing, the product is purchased already finished.

Lower costs: By reducing treatment costs, end savings are greater.

Faster times: the finished terracotta flooring is ready in just a few hours.

The new Terre Future collection was created to offer a practical, functional, and excellent product to the market. The range consists of three products featuring the same quality and function, but with different shades and textures. This is achieved by applying different technologies and production processes that results in different appearance characteristics.Three products to beautifully decorate all types of environments- from the most traditional to modern ones-, and to cater for the tastes and needs of those who want to clad their home in terracotta, furnish an office or a hotel in an original way, or give colour to a terrace immersed in greenery.

For those who love terracotta but prefer more muted shades natural


15 x 30 cm

30 x 30 cm

Special items

Special items in the range of structured and rough Cotto Tiles to create stairways. The colour and surface of these pieces are identical to those of the floor tiles, thus providing interior designers the means, in term of continuity, for comprehensive finishing and furnishing solutions. The renowned natural frost-resistance of Cotto Imprunetino makes these pieces particularly important for use in outdoor environments.

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