Traditional and ground polished cotto

A perfectly smooth, glossy surface

Perfectly smooth and flat

Ground for laying with minimum

Matter nature in naked evidence

Traditionally the cotto slabs in the houses of the rich were polished individually by hand using an abrasive stone. The result was a perfectly smooth, glossy surface and today examples of floors of this type may still be admired in many old homes. Now this same process, once carried out on floors during installation, may now be achieved by polishing the slabs individually directly at the factory using special machinery. This processing technique is possible thanks to the hardness and compactness of Cotto Imprunetino. The gloss of polished cotto floors enhances the natural elegance of the living material.

The future of terracotta, between passion and research


7,5 x 30 cm - Battiscopa

15 x 30 cm

18 x 36 cm

25 x 25 cm

30 x 30 cm

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