Rosa di Cadmio

It is much lighter than the traditional cotto Imprunetino

All the characteristics and
performance of traditional handmade cotto

Almost smooth and velvety

Light rosy colour

The first-born of coloured cotto, Rosa Cadmio represents the studied evolution of the ancient Florentine tradition hand-made cotto.Tamped down by skilful and accurate hands in suitable moulds made smooth, Rosa Cadmio has a soft and velvety surface, corrugated with small irregularities that make each single piece unique and unrepeatable.

Colour with light shades reminiscent of the sestini and vasi of Impuneta, naturally inhomogeneous. In addition to the traditional formats for floors, we have also prepared – for Rosa Cadmio – a complete range of special pieces with stocks constantly available at the warehouse.

Light, rosy shade


8 x 30 cm

15 x 30 cm

16 x 32 cm

30 x 30 cm

40 x 40 cm

50 x 50 cm

Esagono lato 14,5 cm

Special items

Special items in the range of hand-made Cotto Tiles Rosa di Cadmio create stairways. The color and surface of these pieces are identical to those of the floor tiles, thus providing interior designers the means, in term of continuity, for comprehensive finishing and furnishing solutions.

The renowned natural frost-resistance of cotto imprunetino makes these pieces particularly important for use in outdoor environments.

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