Ferrone Cotto Impruneta

is synonymous of the tradition of Impruneta terracotta but above all, it is continuous research, innovation and sustainability: we are characterized by the study of materials to always provide the perfect product for every space and environmentally friendly.


A new brand, our identity

Ferrone Cotto Impruneta born from the union of two historic brands of Impruneta Cotto, Il Ferrone and Cotto Impruneta, both of which have a deep bond with a centuries-old tradition. Il Ferrone has been a reference specialized in the production of Sestini and “brushed” terracotta for over 40 years. Cotto Impruneta has always distinguished itself for the continuous search for new formats and experimentation with handmade terracotta.

From this union born Ferrone Cotto Impruneta, study, research and innovation to keep Cotto of Impruneta always in step with the times, resistant in
every environment and flawless for every project, compatible with nature and green spaces.

Our starting point for creating a “state of the art” Cotto

Tradition and craftsmanship are the starting point for creating a “state of the art” Cotto that lasts over the time. This is where we started: from the skilled artisan hands that created the products we still know today.

Nevertheless, tradition needs to be crossed with Innovation: which means for us simplifying without standardizing. Our aim is to create a unique and perfect product, not only in aesthetics and technical specifications terms, but also from a functional point of view: we want it simple to be installed and easy to be cleaned. 



Our Wide Range

Each product is available in a wide range of types, sizes, surfaces and chromatic varieties and is intended for a wide range of uses: from homes (including bathrooms and kitchens) to stairs; from terraces to gardens; from sidewalks to squares and street furniture; up to restaurants, wine bars, bars, shopping centers, museums.

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